Bubble Shooter

Welcome to this exciting world of bubbles for the COOL bubble-shots live fun!

Game introduction

Welcome to this exciting world of bubbles for the COOL bubble-shots live fun!
Bubble Shooter Viking Pop is an addictive bubble pop match 3 game OFFLINE & FREE with thousands of fun & challenging puzzle levels! Get ready to aim, shoot and blast all the bubbles along the way!?

Show off your bubbles popping skills within Bubble Shooter!
Tap to switch, drag to aim, and release to shoot! Match Colors, Shoot Bubbles, Solve Puzzles, Enjoy and Relax with your favorite viking pop characters with the exclusive customized look! Train your brain and kill the boredom!??

Attention! Don't miss out on the time-limited special costume for your favorite role! Such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and many more waiting for you in Bubble Shooter Viking Pop!

Take on Vikings' SAVING saga and follow the fascinating episodes!
Can you burst ALL bubbles and SAVE the genies? Bubble Shooter awaits your jump-in!

FEATURES of Bubble Shooter - bubbles pop game:

● Once You Pop, You Can't Stop! Bubble Shooter is simple yet addictive!
● Take challenges, tap and shoot! Blast bubbles! Burst through the bubble wall and enjoy endless free shots!
● Thousands of good levels! Bubble Shooter Viking Pop is renovated from the classic bubble shooter game! Advanced gameplay with brain training levels!
● Great design and awesome effects! Perfect to enjoy and relax with this fun popping bubbles game in a fantastic bubbling world!
● Adventure with Vikings! Bubble pop challenges with cute characters accompany!
● No WiFi! No internet! Popping on the go! Enjoy Bubble Shooter offline whenever and wherever you want!
● There're new jewelry bubbles, marvelous boosters, fire balls, genies and cool special elements!
● Holiday gifts! Celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving day & Halloween with our limited time updates!
● It's a FREE game! Free to play and with tons of fun!— Bubble Shooter Viking Pop

HOW TO PLAY Bubble Shooter popping bubbles game?
● Tap bubble shooter to switch the color with your puzzle-solving strategies!
● Swipe to control the aim line and release to shoot! Aim carefully and tap to shoot the bubbles of the same color!
● Match 3 or more bubbles and burst all bubbles!
● Help genies Einherjar get out of the bubble jungle by shooting through the bubbles wall! Level clear as you navigate the right path!
● Beat levels to unlock new mysterious episodes and receive extra free bubble shooter rewards!
● Make smart bubble shots to reduce steps and level up your rewards!

Shoot bubbles with Vikings on way to Valhalla! Help Vikings to fourish again!

Note: Bubble Shooter Vikings Pop game is completely free to play and in-game coins can be won for free either. But extra purchases within Bubble Shooter such as extra moves or bubble boosters require payment with real money.

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